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Banners, Tracking, CMS Integrations
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Banners & Links

Automatically Generated

Banners added by merchats generate each affiliate code automatically.

Unlimited Quantity, Any Size

Merchants may add an unlimited number of banners of any size for affiliates to use in their promotions.

Banners with Channels & SubId tracking

Affiliates can track advertising channels and use subId tracking, generating statistics accordingly.

Invincible Tracking

Cookies & IP combined

Our 3-way Session+Cookie+IP tracking system guarantees no affiliate referral gets lost, ever.

Duration & Protection

Even if a referral makes a purchase 90 days after the first visit, the affiliate will receive his/her commission.
Furthermore, it is always the first affiliate that sent the referral who receives the commission, not the last one.
AffiBank includes a fraud screening system that makes sure the system is not cheated on and stays 100% fair for all participants.

Cost Effective

Lowest Merchants Fees

Merchants accumulate a payable fee of just 2% per total commissions invoiced + $5.00 processing fee per monthy invoice..
Merchants join AffiBank for free.

How It Works

On schedule, AffiBank invoices merchants for the owed affiliate commissions + transaction fees. AffiBank then pays affiliates using their preferred payment method.

100% Free for Affiliates

Affiliates join AffiBank for free. No fees are deducted from their commissions (payment method fees may apply).

Signup Forms & Integration

HTML Signup forms

Merchants can add a signup form on their site that registers affiliates directly to their affiliate program.

Merchants Integration & Help

AffiBank integrates with any payment method you use: PayPal, 2CheckOut, Stripe, NetBilling, Safepay, WorldPay and hundreds of others. We also integrate with platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, Drupal, aMember, UltraCart and many more. Set up is easy and our team is ready to help!

AffiBank Is An Income Booster.

For Merchants: No matter what type of website you have, how it is built or what payment method you use, AffiBank can integrate and you will benefit from an incredible affiliate network made of thousands of affiliates interested in promoting your product/s, including the ones considered high-risk such as adult or gambling.

For Affiliates: It is the only platform where you are not surprised with fees deducted from your commissions. If you are owed $378.98 in commissions, that's exactly what you'll get. In your control panel, you can choose any of our merchant's products and generate links or banners with your affiliate ID embedded easily.
Your commissions are secured and we pay on time like clockwork!

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