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What is AffiBank?

AffiBank Offers two separate main services:

  • The Marketplace.
  • The AffiBank Affiliate Network.

The Affibank Marketplace:
It is browsed by thousands of affiliates weekly, searching for good products to promote.
The Affibank Marketplace is organized by affiliate networks, and each affiliate network may have its own categories.
The two main categories are: The AffiBank Network (powered by Affibank itself) and the Plimus Network (powered by Plimus). Each of them are independent from eachother.
If you are an affiliate looking for products to promote, you should browse the different ones available. You will find all relevant information on each listing such as product description, screen shots, commission paid, if the commission is a percentage or a flat rate... and even banners, keywords and promo emails when available.
Most importantly, you will also find the Affiliate Info Link that gives you access each product's affiliate program in particular and your Affiliate Url.

Our suggestion is that you join AffiBank and Plimus creating your affiliate account on both so you can start promoting any of the products listed on the marketplace right away!

If you own a website running on Plimus you can add your website to the Affibank Marketplace completely free of charge. Simply create an account and add your site to the appropriate category!

The AffiBank Affiliate Network:

The AffiBank Affiliate Network is a brand new affiliate network that offers many advantages for commercial website owners, especially when using Paypal.

If you are a website owner, the AffiBank Network offers many advantages over other platforms such as ClickBank, Plimus or Paydotcom.
We currently have over 6,000 affiliates promoting products that are listed on the AffiBank Network.
The main advantage over other networks is that You, the website owner, do not have to wait for checks to arrive.
Here are other advantages
  1. Get your product listed with no start up or activation fees.
  2. Have it pushed by an army of affiliates.
  3. Enjoy the lowest fees in the industry (no fees applied on transactions like all others do).
  4. Reveive the sales directly to your PayPal account.
  5. Create banners, peel ads, pop-ups, and even rebrandable pdf ebooks for your affiliates fast and easy.
  6. Add unlimited products and manage them from one single account.
  7. Access incredible statistics that show clicks/product, conversion rates, split-testing and much more.
  8. Be in charge of refunds and handle customer support YOUR WAY.
  9. Double error proof tracking system. Your affiliates always get credited.
  10. Continuous affiliate support. If they contact us, we respond. We help them make money so you make money.
  11. The lowest fees in the industry. More features than other networks for just $29.95/month!
If you currently have products selling on Clickbank, Plimus or Paydotcom, it is time to feel the change. You are paying too many fees with them!
Get started today!

If you are an affiliate, you can start promoting products on the AffiBank Affiliate Network right away.
  1. Join for free. Instant access and activation.
  2. Double tracking system. Never miss a commission!
  3. Access to vendor's banners and all promo material directly from your Affiliate panel.
  4. Track your promotional efforts. Clicks, conversion tracking & much more!
  5. Deatailed statisitics.
  6. Tips and tricks welcome page, in case you are new to affiliate marketing.
  7. Get paid to your PayPal account by the 15th of each month.
  8. No fees at all.
Click Here to open your affiliate account and start promoting the products of the AffiBank Affiliate Network!