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Frequent Asked Questions

About the AffiBank Marketplace
AffiBank LTD is an online marketplace that makes affiliates and vendors meet under one roof,
Under that idea, AffiBank has a marketplace that inclides websites that work with different affiliate networks.
At the moment, affiliates can find websites to promote from the following affiliate networks:

- AffiBank
- Plimus
- Clickbank

If you are a vendor that has a website on AffiBank, Plimus or ClickBank, you can add it to our marketplace completely free of charge.

About the Affibank Affiliate Network
AffiBank provides its own Affiliate Network.
It is a stable platform that vendors use to have over 6,000 affiliates promote their products. Affiliates can promote Affibank products directly from their Affiliate Panel, track all sales made, access all promotiional materials that vendors make available, process conversion tracking methods, all resulting in extreme accurate statistics to fine-tune promotional methods, which affects in greater sales overall.

AffiBank is the most cost effective affiliate network on the internet, offering top features for the lowest fees in the industry. Click Here to learn more!

When will I be paid?
Vendors get paid instantly on their Paypal account
Affiliates get paid on the 15th of each month, for the previous pay period.

Is a minimum amount required to receive a payment?
Not at all! You get paid even if you just made $5.00 in a pay period.

How do I get paid?
Payments are made via Paypal.

How do I check my accumulated sales?
You get a summary on how you are doing as soon as you log into your AffiBank Affiliate or Vendor Panel.

I have a website that uses Paypal and amember. Can I add it to the AffiBank Network?
Of course you can! AffiBank is especially built for full integration with PayPal, amember, 2CO, Regnow, Google Checkout, MoneyBookers and many other payment gateways.

Do you offer a payment gateway?
We do not offer a payment gateway. We take care of tracking affiliate sales and offer full support helping them on their promotional efforts.

How are AffiBank fees calculated?
AffiBank charges each vendor a small fee calculated only over the sum of affiliate commissions owed by the vendor over a pay period. Affiliates are not charged in any case.
AffiBank does not charge per transaction like all other Affiliate Networks. If the price of a product is $29.95 that is exactly what the vendor receives. AffiBank does not collect any fees in advance either.

So, how does it work?
On the 15th of every month, AffiBank sends each vendor an invoice that includes all affiliate commissions owed and applicable fees. The vendor has two days to send the invoice funds to AffiBank. AffiBank will then pay each vendor's affiliates.Please visit our fees schedule here.

What if a vendor fails to pay an invoice?
When signing up with AffiBank, a binding contract is accepted where the vendor reads and understands the conditions. Failing to comply will engage in legal action against the vendor and his/her company representatives. Instant cancellation of the vendor's account will proceed immediately.
Up to today, we have had no cases of vendors failing to pay an AffiBank invoice.
AffiBank will pay the vendor's affiliates commissions and will oblige the vendor legally to pay the funds owed, plus interests.

Is AffiBank a strong and reliable company?
We have been in the online marketing business for years.
We started as affiliates and have created over 100 products as vendors. Our free affiliate courses have shown thousands of people how to make money online without a website.

Thousands of affiliates have stayed with us for years and are now integrated in the AffiBank Affiliate Network. We would not be online if we were doing things wrong.