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Why Us?

The question of any Affiliate Program owner:

Why Us? Why should my affiliate program be listed on AffiBank?
  • It is free: If you own several affiliate programs, you can add them for free.  If you own more than 4 affiliate programs you can add up to 20 of them for a minimal fee compared to the benefits you receive.
  • Exposure: receives a constant flow of affiliates that visit us comming from different sources. Many of the affiliate programs that are listed are top sellers on Plimus.
    Here is an example:
    When affiliates search on the Plimus products catalog, they receive a list of products ordered by market score (default). While I am writing these words, there are 3 products on the first page that have AffiBank's logo and clearly refer to Affibank with a text on their description that recalls "Proudly listed on". Many Plimus Affiliates visit us constantly as a result.
    AffiBank is also number one in Google for "P2P affiliate programs" or "P2P affiliates". Let me remind you that affiliates that promote P2P related affiliate programs or tutorials are true experts under a very competitive environment.
    We are working on optimizing AffiBank for other important search terms.
  • Features: Unlike other marketplaces where you have a marketplace screen shot and a description, on AffiBank you can also add banners, keywords lists, promo emails and even video to your listing. Your affiliates need as many marketing tools you can provide them with!
  • Potential: We have just started. We are the owners of The reputable Best ClickBank Affiliate Programs marketplace. A reference for any ClickBank affiliate. Affibank will do nothing but grow and we want you to be with us while we do.
  • Content: Once again, we have just started, but affiliates will find so much content in terms of affiliate programs to promote, courses and tools that will come back for more. Your affiliate program has to be here.
  • Support: Got no time for handling questions from affiliates? Refer them back to us and concentrate on what you do best. Let us handle your affiliate's questions at no charge. We have been doing this successfully for the past five years on
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